Butterflies – Beautiful Quick and Easy Burlap Butterflies


Craft artists, you know how wonderful butterflies are! They can add interest, grace, and joy to many of your craft projects. Here is a tutorial for butterflies – beautiful quick and easy burlap butterflies.

Burlap butterflies
Burlap Butterflies


As craft artists, we tend to accumulate many items to add to our resources. We don’t throw away much, do we? So you may already have these articles to make burlap butterflies.

Items for making Burlap Butterflies

Items Burlap Butterflies

Easy burlap butterflies

Burlap ribbon

Some light pretty ribbons

7 cm jewellery wire

Bugle beads for the body

A small bead for the head

Long-nose pliers to curl the antennae

Butterfly pattern (Tip: you can trace the outline of the butterfly straight from your computer screen.)


Easy to make butterfly


I found that the loose burlap weave was unravelling after I cut it. To remedy this lightly spray the back of the ribbon with glue, I used hairspray.

Making the antennae

  • Bend the wire in half, leaving the bend as the tail.
  • Thread the bugle bead and the round head bead onto the double wire.
  • Spread the wires and curl the ends with the long-nose pliers


The wings

Cut the wings in one piece using the burlap and then use the burlap as a pattern to cut your pretty ribbon.

Put a little glue between the ribbon wings and then some more on top to secure the body.

That is all it takes to make a burlap butterfly.

For variety, you could use paint or glitter on the burlap without using the other ribbon.

Butterflies – Beautiful Quick and Easy Burlap Butterflies, place your burlap butterflies on your projects.


Finished project


The butterfly on this project gives balance to the scene without distracting from the overall effect.

If you like the barrel, you can get one here.

Use your imagination to add little decorations to make your burlap butterfly stand out.

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